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Words & prophesy Spoken over Oliver Tham

Oliver Tham Prophesies
God is real and he still speak to us all today. He can speak to us audibaly, He can speak through your dreams, He can speak through the Holy Spirit in a still quiet voice, He can speak to us by his written word, the Bible and he can speak through His prophets. Enclosed are some of many words spoken over my life.

Oliver Tham Prophesies
Prophesies and Words spoken over Oliver Tham

Oliver Tham Prophesies  (2014 OCT) 
Prophesies and Words spoken over Oliver Tham
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I praise the Lord that apart from speaking to us through His spirit, His audible voice, through His Word (the logos word, the bible) He also sends His prophets to confirm his Word. I humbly enclose some of the Words and prophesy spoken over my life. This is particularly useful as when I teach the Word of God and to serve God.

Word of Encouragement and advise from Jim Irwin
 August 1988, Southbank Brisbane, Australia.
In August 1988, a few months later I was in Southbank in Brisbane, to pick my wife up who was working as a receptionist in a hotel during the World Expo’ 88. An American man came into the hotel lobby and said hello to me. He pulled me aside on a “one on one conversation” and asked if I was a Christian. I said yes and he asked if I was serving God. I told him that I was not but intended to get round to it one day. He then said that he was a test pilot, then became an astronaut and went to the moon and drove the lunar buggy. He told me that in spite of all that he has done "the high point in his life was when the Lord spoke to him to serve the Lord". His name was Jim Irwin and he gave to Connie and myself an autograph copy of himself on the moon (a typical NASA issue) and signed “To Connie & Oliver, His love from the moon, Jim Irwin”. We know that it was from God and we have treasured it since. Most importantly it was a turning point in my life. God had my attention.

Word from the Lord through Dr. Marilyn Hickey
January 1999 CHC Singapore.
In Oct 1998, I was in Singapore praying for God to fill me with His wisdom in every area of my life. As usual, I was up at 5.00a.m. praising God and praying persistently. The presence of God filled the room after several weeks of persistent prayer, and the Lord spoke to my heart clearly (very audible) that He has given me Wisdom and I will love His words and other relevant issues. I received His words and thank Him for it. The next day, I went back to the Lord and prayed and thank Him but ask Him that if He had found favour with me, to send a prophet to confirm all that that He has spoken to me and I would use it to Glorify him. I did not doubt God at all but merely wanted something tangible to be a good witness for Him. I continued to pray persistently for this in the following months with continued thanksgiving.

In Jan 1999, (several months later) Dr. Marilyn Hickey came to Singapore.  The church is called City Harvest Church,and had a population of approximately 2,500 at that time.

Dr. Marilyn Hickey ( was a woman who served God well and was the Chairman of Oral Roberts University, had a television ministry for more than a decade, is the only woman on the Board of a Church in Korea with a million members, held meetings in Sudan and Pakistan where more than 250,000 people turned up at her crusades. Apart from that, she established a feeding program and raised a lot of resources for the third world countries. She is known to have a prophetic gift and is respected by the head of state of many countries. She is also an excellent bible teacher. The church service in Jan 1999 was packed and apart from the overflow rooms there were several hundred people in the car park watching the service through close circuit TV. After she finished her teaching, she called me to go on the stage (I was the only one called onto the stage that night, even though a word was given to four other people) and the following is the transcript from the video taken that day.

Prophesy by Dr. Marilyn Hickey and Wallace Hickey to Oliver Tham at City Harvest Church on Friday, 22nd January 1999.

Dr. Marilyn Hickey: Could you please stand up. (I stood up)
Dr. Marilyn Hickey : Could you please come down. (I went down to the stage from the Choir Box.)
Dr. Marilyn Hickey : The scripture God has given for you is Luke 21:15 , “ that he is going to give you a mouth and wisdom the enemy cannot gainsay nor resist”. Ezekiel 3:3 “you are going to speak the truth and love because when you eat the word it is going to be sweet in your mouth... You are going to have a sweet mouth”.........He is all right (referring to her husband, Wally as he begins to get weak in the legs from the presence of God that was filling the stage) that is the anointing. Don’t worry, he is not’s the Holy Ghost. Have you seen the joy of the Lord hit people, that is what’s hitting....... He gets drunk..........from the Holy Ghost.... He is fine.
Wallace Hickey: Yah, yah, yes, child he had given you words and he has given you a mouth and you shall with that mouth use. And say well things of truth and do not the enemy you confuse. He has given you wisdom and speak it boldly and speak it strong. God has worked in you and he is going to bring you along. He brought you to this hour, he brought you to this very place. And you come in a very way, and know well he is one of Amazing Grace. And He is in you and you belong to Him. And your word shall bring into darkness they shall bring light. So continue to use your words son, they are sharp and they will cause to come great light. And don’t be shy. Say well the things that God does give you to say, be strong in the things that you unto others those words you do to they say. Praise God.
Dr. Marilyn Hickey : Don’t be shy, they came to me too, be bold. Now look at your Pastor, say I’m bold.
Oliver Tham: I’m bold.
Dr. Marilyn Hickey : Good, Praise the Lord. Hallelujah. It’s good.
(You can see this prophesy on video:  )

I felt so humble that God sent someone like her to speak to me. What is most awesome was when her husband said “And He is in you and you belong to Him.” That statement is the cornerstone of my life. To know that “I belong to God and that He is in me” means that in all that I do I must bring glory to God. I believe in being a living testimony to God and integrity is everything. As God is in us, our mission in life must be “to love God wholeheartedly and love people fervently”.

Prophetic Vision From Mr. David McCracken
Mid 2001, Christian Community Church, Gold Coast, Australia
Mr. David McCraken is a much-respected teacher of leaders among the Australian churches. He has a great prophetic gifting.

In mid 2001 in a seminar, Mr. David McCraken gave the following word to me.

Mr. David McCraken : “Seeds, seed bags. It's like sorting out seeds. I see you gathering a lot of seed. Honestly, it, the seed is the word.

But I see that you, God wants you to gather seed specifically, targeted for specific results. And it is like, I see you almost putting seeds in folders with all labels on them. It is like this scripture is going to fit there. These three scripture is going to fit that. And you almost categorizing the Scripture because of specific target, specific situation, that is going to demand specific scriptural reference to go with them. 

The cute thing is this is going to be a team effort because every now and again I see you (my wife) coming up behind him and tapping him on the shoulder, uuh, you take up a couple and stick it in there and you say, oh OK, oh you and get back to it. And it is going to be a team effort.

I don't know what this is for, but I sense in this next immediate future. God really want you to understand the word. And see how the word can be applied to specific nitty gritty areas of life because God want to make you very skillful in the prescription writing of the scripture. It's like a doctor, writing out prescription for patients, and you said, those three will do, you take those four and O.K. I believe God is going to give you very unique ability to touch people's life that way.”

The word was very precise as it was given to me when I was spending a lot of time dissecting the Word of God so that we can use it effectively to encourage and build others up. It is also very interesting that all of these were done in my quiet time and in private, yet nothing was kept from the Lord.

Word from the Lord through Pastor Charles Lapa.
First quarter 2002, Brisbane, Australia
Pastor Charles Lapa is a great leader over the churches in PNG.
He is the most humble man I have met yet esteemed and honored by God. The head of states of several countries had honoured him.

In early 2002 after meeting him in a conference in Brisbane, I took him to lunch the following day with a businessman from his church, a Director of Air Nuigini, Bro. Ango.

After lunch my wife and I thought it would be good to bring him to pray for a development called Brookwater in Springfield which we have an interest in, without telling them where we were going.

On the drive up he told us that at 6.00a.m. that morning, Brother Ango and himself was praying for us and the Lord gave him a word which he believes is for us.

The scripture was from Deutronomy 8: verse 7-10. As he had an American version of the bible with him he read as follows: -

Pastor Charles Lapa: Deu 8:7-10
For Jehovah thy God bringeth thee into a good land, a land of brooks of water, of fountains and springs, flowing forth in valleys and hills; a land of wheat and barley, and vines and fig-trees and pomegranates; a land of olive-trees and honey; a land wherein thou shalt eat bread without scarceness, thou shalt not lack anything in it; a land whose stones are iron, and out of whose hills thou mayest dig copper.

And thou shalt eat and be full, and thou shalt bless Jehovah thy God for the good land which he hath given thee.

Here we are driving to Brookwater in the suburb of Springfield and the Lord gave us such a precise word. Since then we have been blessed in Brookwater as well as received some shares in a copper and iron company. I currently reside in Brookwater as The Lord has instructed.

Words from the Lord through Mr. Barry Butters
2002, Gold Coast Australia
Barry Butters have been walking with the Lord for several decades. He first received the Lord in Spain and have a great gifting of being able to hear clearly from God as have an undeniable gift of Vision, Prophesy and God has used him extensively in dispensing God’s  healing.

The word from the Lord for Oliver through Barry Butters given in 2002 is as follows: - “My hand is upon you and I am guiding and directing your steps. There are people around you in the business area who have hidden agenda and mixed motives.
Be aware of those who are trying to push you and pull you in their directions.
Spend time with Me alone and listen to My directions, for I will bless you in the financial area as well as the other areas as you listen to my council and directions. In prayer take note of what I communicate to you. Keep your heart and mind wide open to Me, says the Lord and I will guide you, I will direct you. Don’t be afraid. My hand is upon you. I know your heart. I know those heart desires. So stay true to me. I will lead you on and through every situation of life says the Lord.”

Prayer and encouragement by Mel Tari In 2003.

Mel Tari, the author of “Like a Mighty Wind” was speaking in a church in the Gold Coast where I was serving from 2000 to 2005, at the mission conference. I was organizing the food in the kitchen for the coffee and dessert night for the mission conference on a Saturday Night. Because everyone wants to go out to listen to Mel speak, we were short of people to help with the washing up. I made a decision that I will do the washing up with one of the helpers and stay in the kitchen for the entire night. As I was washing up and singing to the Lord, I really felt and was enjoying His presence.

The next day, Mel asked if I was Oliver and that Pastor Judy told him that I was the person who decorated the food and made a fruit platter, with all the carving of apples into swan etc. He then told me that the Lord put in his heart to “Pray for Connie and me”.

Mel Tari : “Father bless the works of his hands and use him mightily for the extension of Your  kingdom. God has prepared you (both Connie & myself) before you were born. Father in the name of Jesus I pray that the purpose and destiny that You have prepared for them will be fulfilled in their lives.”

The following year Mel Tari came to our church again for the mission conference and told me that after he met with me the first time, when he was flying to Sydney for a mission conference, the Lord woke him up as the plane was flying over Brisbane to pray for the city and the Lord spoke to him to pray for me and to say that I will be a blessing to the nations.

Prayer by Mary K Baxter
November 2004, Navajo Nation, USA
In Oct 2004 in a home group in Australia we were talking about a book “Divine revelations of Hell” by Mary K Baxter.

One of my members asked if the book I real and truthful.  I told them that I do not personally know her but have the peace that the book is consistent with the scriptures. I also mentioned that some friends in Singapore bought many books to give away and as a result many gave their heart to Jesus. Even my mother gave me a tape of the book.  I told them that when I meet her I will ask her for them. Three weeks later, in Nov 2004, I was invited to share in a church in the USA and had the privilege to share the pulpit with Mary K Baxter. Later we said hello and she prayed for me.

Mary K Baxter: Father bless this young man to fulfil his calling.

Mary K Baxter: I see the Lord raining his anointing on you. It is like showers of gold, his precious anointing, like the oil that runs over Aaron’s Beard. Receive it, receive his anoiting.

Mary K Baxter: You go on and do those things that God ask you to do. Build those cities that God put in your heart and in your mind. Praise the Lord, Thank you Jesus.

While I was in early retirement from work from 2000-2008 and serving God in small ways, what is incredible was that in 2008 I was invited to plan and develop several major project to release resources to be a blessing and the projects can be described as a city. Des Brooks my architect named the project in Indonesia as Tanjung Lesung 2020, The World's First Waterfront Resort City." We pray that we can use 90% of all our profits to serve God by helping poor people in these countries and some for ministry.

Words from Tim Ashton.
2007, Brisbane Australia.
Mr. Tim Ashton has been a man who loves God and one loved by God in a most gracious way.
His has a good walk with God and through sheer persistence continue to trust God's word with tenacity of steel persevered through many circumstances to see the word of God come to life. Through his personal experiences and many personal spiritual fights he had and won, God has also blessed with an ability to hear Him clearly and hear His words for Spiritual warfare. He has a prophetic gift and truly a person to have on your side in the storms of life especially in fighting battles in business that is spiritual. In early 2007, I was in the midst of a big battle in business and we know that we are not fighting flesh and blood. God gave a word to Brother Tim Ashton for me which was clear instructions and strategy from God.

Mr. Tim Ashton: The scripture God has given me to give to you is in
Revelations: 3:7-11.
"These are the words of him who is holy and true, who holds the key of David. What he opens no one can shut, and what he shut no one can open. I know your deeds. See I have placed before you an open door that no one can shut.

I know that you have little strength, yet you have kept my word and not denied my name. I will make those who are of the synagogue of Satan, who claims to be Jews though they are not, but are liars- I will make them come and fall down at your feet and acknowledge that I have loved you.

Since you have kept my command to endure patiently, I will also keep you from the hour of trial that is going to come upon the whole world to test those who live on the earth. I am coming soon. Hold on to what you have, so that no one will take your crown."

That word was most encouraging and as the Lord has spoken I will hold on to the crown and wait for his deliverance. While the battle is not completed, our trust is in the Lord.

Words from Pastor Jens Garnfeldt ( )
May 2007 Sydney & Brisbane Australia
Pastor Jens has been a disciple of the late Lester Sumrall who was a disciple of the Late Smith Wigglesworth. (When Lester was leaving England during the war, Smith Wigglesworth prayed for Lester Sumrall for God to release a double portion of the anointing he has received for his (spiritual) son, Lester. Lester then went on to do great things for God.  Jens Garnfeldt served Lester Sumrall for 5 years. Before Lester went to be with the Lord, he prayed for God to release a double portion of the anointing he received from the Lord  to be with Pastor Jens.)

Pastor Jens has a great prophetic gift and has an excellent healing ministry and is a very much sought after speaker in Europe, America, Africa and South America. In mid-2007, he gave up a conference of 8,000 people in London and following that a conference with 20,000 people in Sweden to come to Australia to minister to a small group of 65 people in Brisbane.

The people in Brisbane enjoyed a great time of ministry, teaching and everyone witnessed the Lord doing some great healings.

 I received two prophesies from this great man of God as follows. The first was in Sydney before we all came up to Brisbane.

Pastor Jens Garnfeldt: “ I see the Lord handing to you something that you are having problems with. You will have victory over it. I also see the Lord opening up five countries to you for your businesses.”

Several days later in Brisbane he prophesied as follows: -

Pastor Jens Garnsfeldt: “When I look at you I see a season of five years. This is going to be the most productive season you will ever have. It is starting right now.
Your business will flower (flourish) and God is going to throw back to you all that the locust and grasshoppers was eating.....
You are stepping into five years where all the projects will be very successful. After five years you will change to a more ministry kind of lifestyle. You will be launched into full time ministry and business will not be your identity.
You will no longer be known as a businessman, you will be known as a Pastor. But this will be five years down the road when the change will happen. I know that you are doing things for God but prophetically this is the season so I want you to focus with everything you have on what God is giving you now because it is the most productive season in your business life.
Whatever was stolen God will restore it to you in a marvellous way.

So I am proud to know you and remember me when you get to your Kingdom.”

(You can see this video on : )

It is a good word as since it was spoken, several countries really opened up for us to enjoy doing business. I have made a decision that I will use 90% of all proceeds from developments to serve the Lord by helping poor people and ministries in those countries that the development are in. The second prophesy was useful in that while we are all very willing to serve God, it is good when God clarify the times and dates of certain activity so that we are walking in sync with Him.

Word and Prophesy from Pastor Cecelia Leong
(AOG Kota Warisan Malaysia.) Nov 2008
Prophesy at prayer meeting in Malaysia after I flew in from Dubai in November 2008. After the night flight I arrived in Malaysia and had a morning meeting with the media and several meetings after that. I arrived at my sister's place and after a 30 minutes nap, she asked if I would like to join her church prayer meeting. While my body felt wasted, I felt in the spirit that I should go. At the prayer meeting they asked what I wanted prayed for so I asked the prayer meeting to pray for Tanjung Lesung.

She shared that in Genesis, Egypt and Joseph prospered in a time of famine, so do not worry about the economic circumstances that is currently affecting the whole world for God is with us. We will be very successful in Tanjung Lesung as God is with us.

Pastor Cecelia: "Do not be afraid to do all that God ask you to do even as you step out to serve God, your project will multiply. In fact I see a domino effect on how the projects will multiply even though you are serving God. You start the project full of faith and God will send faithful people to finish the projects for you."
Pastor Cecelia: "Isaiah 45:2-3 is for you. Isaiah 45:2-3 I will go before you and will level mountains, I will break down gates of bronze and cut through bars of iron. I will give you the treasures of darkness, riches stored in secret places so that you may know that I am the Lord, the God of Israel, who summons you by name.”

"The treasures of darkness for you includes untold riches. However one of the treasures of darkness is an ability to discern what is behind closed doors. I.e. How Daniel knew what was said in the Kings Chambers was a form of treasure of darkness. When you employ people to work for you to look after the projects and what the partners are up to it is good to have the ability to discern without being there.

"How God will dispense that gift to you is by waiting on Him and spending more time with him.”

Pastor Cecelia: “Psalm 27:4-5 will be your lifestyle, you will spend time in the house of God. Psalm 27:4-5 “One thing I ask of the Lord, this is what I seek: that I might dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life, to gaze on the beauty of the Lord and to seek him in his temple.”

Pastor Cecelia: “As Abraham is so shall your lot be in that “Those who bless you shall be blessed and those who curse you shall be cursed and through you all nations will be blessed.”

Prayer from Rev Ong Sek Leang, Metro Tabernacle Kuala Lumpur
Late 2008, Kuala Lumpur
Pastor Ong Sek Leang is the Senior Pastor of Metro Tabernacle Church in Kuala Lumpur as well as the head of the Assemblies of God Church in Malaysia. I was in Pastor Ong’s Church in Kuala Lumpur for prayer meeting with a large group of church faithful. After the meeting he prayed for me and enclosed is the prayer.

Pastor Ong: Father I lift up this man to you and I ask you to bless him in all that he does. Fill him with your wisdom and your grace as he does those things to bless your name. Let the anointing and the spirit that was with Joseph be with him. Walk with him all the days of his life and bless the works of his hands.

What is incredible is that more than 15 years ago I was in Singapore and an elderly Christian spoke to me and told me that he discerned that I have a Joseph anointing. He also mentioned that God will use me to bless the nations. In Genesis 39 – 41 there is a good story of Joseph. One of the great attributes of Joseph can be found in Genesis 39: 2-5. It said that the Lord was with Joseph and he prospered. What is even better was that Joseph was a slave (or servant) to Pontiphar, the Egyptian and it says in the scripture that “the Lord blessed the household of the Egyptian because of Joseph. The blessing of the Lord was on everything Pontipar had, both in the house and in the field. (Source NIV Bible)”. After I was told that I had a Joseph anointing, I noticed that if I become a servant to anyone, God will prosper him or her in the house and in the fields.

Some of the people I served became multi- millionaires. So I made a decision that when I do a project, I become a servant to the city or state so that the blessing of God will be on the city or state.

Pastor Lenny (from the United States)
Last Quarter 2009, Dunamis Christian Centre in Tanah Merah Brisbane

Pastor Lenny gave a word from Deuteronomy 6: 10-11
Deuteronomy 6:10-12 (New International Version)
When the LORD your God brings you into the land he swore to your fathers, to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, to give you—a land with large, flourishing cities you did not build, houses filled with all kinds of good things you did not provide, wells you did not dig, and vineyards and olive groves you did not plant—then when you eat and are satisfied

I was dressed in jeans and T-shirt with my wife as it was an evening service and he does not know me yet when he prayed for us he was very specific. He also gave an advise that all that God has spoken to us will come to pass, however before it can manifest in the natural we have to speak it into existence. We must proclaim it in the supernatural and speak life and faith into it. We are not dealing with the natural but what is unseen. So we must will it in the supernatural.
Praise the Lord for the instruction as with years of perseverance, sometimes the "mundane" cuts in and we lose our passion to speak by faith the promises of God.

Pastor Jens Garnsfeldt
June 2010 in KBC church Copenhagen Denmark

We were invited to the opening of Pastor Jen's new church in Copenhagen in 2010. It was a great event.

Pastor Jens: The Lord has shown me that you are now moving into the next phase.

God is pleased what you are doing and your faithfulness with what he has given you so far and now He is going to move you really quickly and multiply all the projects that he has given you.

Even your Ministry will begin to happen and it will be a quickening. He will bless the work of your hands and doors will open in both the businesses and ministry. You can move in by faith as God open doors for Ministry. Praise God.

Rev. Dr. David Newberry from Texas
29 June 2010 in Copenhagen

Dr David Newberry is a seasoned evangelist and prophet of God and an apostle to the nations. God used Him to lay hand and pray for Reinhardt Bonkke, prophesy over him and anoint him. You can see this in Reinhardt Bonkke’s Book “ Living a Life of Fire” on Pages 391 & 392 resulting in Reinhardt crying out “Africa shall be saved”

Dr. Newberry: “Father I lift up this young man to you to bless him for your purpose. I hear the Lord saying that he will multiply the Wisdom He has given to you.

You know (in Daniel 1:17) God gave the four young men, Daniel (Belteshazzar), Hananiah (Shadrach), Mishael (Meshach) and Azariah (Abednego), knowledge and understanding of all kinds of literature and learning. And God gave them (in Daniel 1:19-20) wisdom such that when the King talked to them, he found none equal to them and in every matters of wisdom and understanding the king found them to be ten times better than all the magicians and enchanters in his kingdom.

Well the Lord is saying that for you He will multiply the wisdom not ten times but ten times ten times. Praise the Lord.”

Rev. Teresia Wairimu of TWRM Kenya and Dallas
30th June 2010 in Copenhagen.

Teresia Wairimu is on eof the most well known Reverend from Africa. She ministers to over 250,000 people weekley in Kenya and even close regularly prays for the President of Kenya.

Teresia was praying for Connie and Oliver in Copenhagen.

Rev. Teresia Wairimu: Father bless this couple in all that they are doing for your glory.

 I see that the Lord will bless and multiply what He is doing through you. I see a quickening in all that He is doing in your business and in your ministry. Praise the Lord.

Rev. Dr. Rodney Howard Browne. The River in Tampa, Florida, USA
July 2010 in Tampa, Florida.

In 1995, I saw Dr Rodney Howard Browne in the outdoor stadium in Singapore with a crowd of over 35,000 people. There was such a great presence of God and many gave their heart to Jesus and my late mother asked me to go down and get the "Man of God to Pray for Me". When I was down, there was more than 10,000 people in front of me and after praying for a few people, he left. 

My mother then prayed the following, "Lord if I have found favour in your eyes, let them Man of God have lunch with my son and pray for him, in Jesus name I pray Amen".

In 2001 my mum went to be with the Lord. In 2010, Dr Rodney Howard Browne invited Connie and me to Tampa as His guest, sat us in front of Him during lunch with many Pastors & Leaders as he had a conference and prayed for me.

Rev Dr. Rodney Howard BrowneThank you Lord Jesus. Thank you Lord Jesus. Hallelujah.  Thank You Lord Jesus. Thank You Lord Jesus. Thank You Lord Jesus.

Thank You Lord for this couple. Thank you Lord Your hand is upon them. Thank You Lord you’re about them as a wall of fire.

Thank You God you brought them even under this place and even under this hour for even a week ago we did not even realise that this moment should be, but You knew for You saw, and now Father I thank You that they are entering into another realm, another dimension even in their life and in their ministry in that which You called them.

And that every thing shall be speeded up and it shall become a multiplication. The next six months there shall be an explosion and you shall see more in the next six months than you have in the past five years. And then next year shall be even more, a greater explosion and everything shall be multiplication, multiply, multiply, multiply.   And you shall rejoice, you shall laugh and you shall be a happy Chinaman.

(You can watch it on video: )

The word was very timely, and since then the Lord bless me to be able to bring Dr Rodney Howard Brown back to Asia to release the fire of God for the first time in 16 years in Asia-Ablaze 2011.

Rev David Wong (Wong Kim) World Harvest Church
November 2011 WHC Kuala Lumpur
Rev David Wong shared on the story from the chapter on how the Children of Israel was tested by the Lord to show their faithfulness and trust in the Lord. He shared on how the prophet of God told them to go to where the enemies are
coming from and stand. The fight belongs to the Lord.

He gave a word for me a word as follows: -
2Chronicles 20:20b (NKJV)  Believe in the LORD your God, and you shall be established; believe His prophets, and you shall prosper.

I have lived a life that is blessed and have received many words spoken over my life and I believe that because we believe the prophets we shall prosper. It is also important to note that prophesies are weapons of Spiritual warfare so it is important to write it down and use it against the enemy. 1Tim 1:18 

Pastor Dr Paul Ang.
6th November 2012 in Rawang
In October we did a three weeks Asia-Ablaze 2012 with Dr David Newberry in Malaysia and Philippines. On the last day after sending David Off, I had a last night before flying back to Australia the next morning. Brother Samuel invited me to a prayer meeting in Dr Paul’s home and as I have not met Dr Ang but have heard of him, I felt it was a blessing to be there. While Dr Ang has not met me and does not know me he gave a word which is the confirmation Dr Newberry and myself was praying for two weeks earlier.

Pst Dr Paul Ang: Cyrus is my shepherd, and he shall perform all my pleasure. Saying to Jerusalem it shall be built and to the temple your foundations shall be laid

Isaiah 45:1 Thus said the Lord to his anointed. To Cyrus whose right hand I have helped. To subdue nations before him, and loose the armor of Kings, to open before him the double doors so that the gates will not be shut. I will go before you and make the crooked places straight. I will break in pieces the gate of Bronze and cut the bars of iron. I will give you treasures of darkness and hidden riches of secret places that you may know that I the Lord will call you by your name and the God of Israel.

I just believe strongly that the Lord is going to cause a Cyrus anointing to come upon your life and He is going to give you nations, He going to give you grace, open doors and even treasures of secret places and you will bridge the gap between the shepherd and the king. You are going to bridge the gap, you can connect them for the purpose of God, for the purpose of God’s kingdom. 

God is going to give life like rainbow, your life is like a rainbow it is unique it is colourful and wherever you go you are going to have the pleasure of God and you will have the beauty of God revealed to you. And not only that, God will use you to bring beauty and colour and meaning to many people’s life. God will give you many nations. You going to influence and impact many nations, you are going to change the landscape, the spiritual landscape of churches and cities. And even the natural landscape is going to change because of your life, your walk in obedience of the Lord. And there is a unique building that God is going to cause you to build and it is going to be designed in such a way that when people look at it, they know that there is a touch of God’s hand, a touch of God’s beauty a touch of God’s creativity.

Doors that were shut before you, doors that were shut in the past is going to open up to you. There is some effective doors that God is going to open up and no man no enemy is able to close. Thank you Jesus.

Father I just pray, Lord that this evening You will release upon my dear brother the Cyrus anointing of a shepherd and of a King. And Lord that you are going to subdue nations and door will be open, iron doors and bronze gates will be open Lord before him.  And Father I just thank you for such favour that even people in high places and kings and those in authority will find favour with him Father. And Lord that he will carry that rainbow, thank you Jesus.

I was just reminded of a trip in Toronto in that place, that wonderful place, Niagara Falls. And there were multiple rainbows at the point of time when were there. And God says that the rainbow will be a sign for you, a sign of your life. And whenever you see rainbow there is a special blessing of God a special sign from God that He is with you.

Father I just thank you for my dear brother thank you Lord in the name of Jesus. Lord bless my dear brother use him for your Glory. Father in the name of Jesus.
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I thank the Lord for the word as it has a very special meaning for me and the timing is immaculate. We believe that it will be a blessing to many.

Pst Vernon and Margareth Falls (Lifeline International Ministries)
24th October 2013 at Resurrection Life Ministries Brisbane, for Oliver & Connie Tham

Pst Vernon Falls to Oliver Tham: Lift your hands to the Lord. God is getting ready to do some unusual things in your life. He wants you to expect unusual manifestations of His Grace, His Love, His Power and His Provision says the Spirit of God. Remember those things, I say it again, expect unusual manifestation of His Grace, His Love, His Power and His Provisions. Supernatural Provision.

God is going to impart an anointing into you tonight to do business, to make money. And God wants you to put Him first. To sow generously, greatly into the Kingdom of God because as you do that, says the Spirit of the Lord, He is going to increase you far more exceeding abundantly above all you can ask or say. And God want you to let you know that this is a gift, it’s a gift. It goes far far beyond studying in the best business school in the world. It’s a gift. And what your hands touch is going to multiply from this day forward says the Spirit of the Lord.

And unusual opportunities, unusual blessings are going to come to you from all over the world says the Spirit of God. And the Lord says to just pray and ask, very simply, “Should I do business with this particular person?” And it will be a yes or a no. No matter how good they might look say the spirit of God, their portfolio might look, you do what God tells you to do.

This anointing is going to go into you, there you go right now in Jesus mighty name.

Pst Vernon Falls to Connie Tham: Father work in her the work You will have her to do and we thank You that You will make her the person you have her to be. Hallelujah thank you Lord Jesus.

Pst Vernon Falls to Oliver Tham: And God has given you everything you, given you everything you need to walk in what He has just imparted into you.

Pst Margareth Falls to Connie Tham: My sister, the vision God gave me for you, I saw you with two handbags, very nice handbags. Anyway, very nice big handbags, not small ones, full of money. But it looks like everytime you pull money out of one, the other one gets fills up. You pull money out of one, you give it, the other one fills up. And that is what God is going to do. That is why he is going to cause you to become a channel of blessing for Him.

Whatever you give, its going to be double back, sometimes triple, sometimes a hundred fold, sometimes a thousand fold, depending on how obedient you are to God. And God want you to understand, whatever he tell you to do, whatever he say to you to give, you give and that’s when you see the other handbag being filled up to overflowing. And God say you will never ever have any lack, you have an over and abundant provision.

Pst Margareth Falls to Oliver Tham: And for my brother. The vision I have for you. There is a question mark above your head first. Ok. And then you are sitting down at the table and looking at some things. And the Lord is standing right next to you and he is touching your shoulder as you were sitting there. And then you start to write and you start to do things on the piece, on the paper and it, when I look it’s like a plan, a plan on how to do things, a plan on how to conduct the business that God gave you. And God is the one who is touching you, He has given you the plan and God want you to understand this. Number One you need to spend a lot of time with Him because the thing that He is going to show you are going to be very very  vital for the business that he has for you all.

And God says as you follow the instructions that He gives you, thats where you really see God’s provision, God’s abundance because the business is going to grow and grow and grow. Ok. God says do not start to use you own understanding. You have a tendency to try to figure things out. And God says you cannot figure Him out. Whatever God tells you to do, you just simply receive it, believe it receive it and do it. And that where you truly see unusual, unusual, unusual finance flow in your life, in your business, for God sais both of you will be channels of blessing for Him.
Pst. Vernon Falls to Oliver Tham: There you go. Receive that anointing right now. Father we thank you for this brother right now, work in him the work You have will him to do. Make him the person you have him to be, in Jesus name. There you go my brother. Oh Hallelujah. There it goes in you. We thank you father in Jesus Name.

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Word from the Lord for Oliver Tham by Francis Low
Friday 17th October 2104

Went with my son Matthew Tham to meet with a Christian Brother Dale Stoggard of Impact 360, his business partner and a Christian Lawyer Francis Low from Canberra. Francis a corporate lawyer who has been serving God since he was in university back in the late 70’s operates in the prophetic gifts. Francis was the former advisor to the AOG Churches in Australia, former Australian Chairman of ICCC Australia founded by J.Gunnar Olson, as well and serves with Bob Hartley of Hope 365. We had a casual chat about how we found Jesus Christ and I mentioned that I will be going to Philippines, Sri Lanka to look at some land and after that Malaysia in a week time. I was sharing about cities but I have never intimated to him what God has spoken to me about the Cities that we will build. I have only shared it briefly to David Leslie, Pastor Rob Lotomou and my wife. He then gave me a word as follows: -

Francis Low: “The Lord spoke very clearly to tell Oliver that he is called to build “Refuge Cities”. And “Refuge Cities” are end time cities that the Lord has designated before His Son returns that will follow divine blueprint and will house people just like in the old refuge cities. When they went into the refuge cities they escape the judgement, initially people who committed murder unintentionally will run to the refuge city. 

But there is a Sovereign plan to have refuge cities built according to the blueprint of heaven. And it is important to follow those plans because Salvation will come to many, many people who enter within the boundary lines of these cities. So God has called you to build refuge cities. In the days to come He will begin to reveal the Heavenly Blueprint with precision, what the City is to represent, the expression of the Kingdom of God and His Ways. It is very, very important in the heart of God. So the timing will come about these refuge cities, it is independent of banks or whatever it is but it is a Sovereign Plan that God is bringing forth that is very very important.

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